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EMG Testing - Right hand/wrist, arm/elbow, neck

With over ten years of pins and needles type feeling, I finally went in for nerve testing. I was greeted by Toni and Dr. Saeed conducted the testing with Toni assisting. The procedure and what to expect was thoroughly explained to me putting me at ease to proceed. The testing itself had very minimal, if any, discomfort. No pain. I was so impressed by Dr. Saeed and Toni's ability to make me feel at ease while conducting the test and while explaining each step of what to expect. What a pleasant surprise that each step was painless. What an amazing team they are and with professionalism but personable as well. I couldn't recommend Dr. Saeed more to anyone in need of testing.

Dr. Saeed and Toni are very Good

I had an EMG from Dr. Saeed and he is very caring and he is very good and helpful. Toni is also very helpful in getting one ready for the test.

Check in with Toni was quick and thorough. Dr Saeed listened carefully to my concerns before testing began. Provided a clear explanation of what the testing would entail before starting. Also, communicated throughout the test to insure I was doing well with the procedure. Shared with me in advance when needle probes were about to be used. Overall, Dr Saeed and Toni offered a professional and personal experience for this exam.


Dr. Sawed was wonderful! I was very apprehensive about this test but this experience was one of the most comfortable medical procedures I have ever been through. The moment I walked in to this clinic I was put at ease by the receptionist, the medical assistant and Dr. Saeed himself.. if a medical procedure can be pleasant.....this is it!


I want to thank Dr Saeed and Toni for making my recent testing so easy. They are both so kind and helpful, and the results arrived so quickly, I felt like a VIP patient.

I know quality care when I see it, and this is quality care.

Bob, RN

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