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From Sandy at billing, Toni assisting, to Dr. Saeed, I was so very cared for and set at ease. I heard from "reliable sources" that this procedure could possibly be the most pain I ever experienced. NOTHING could be further from the truth. I only wish Dr. Saeed was my dentist...Thank you VERY much.

I am a Resident that spent two weeks shadowing Dr's Mohammed Saeed, Kashif Saeed, and Dr Sans at this locstion. If you are in need of a EMG/ nerve conduction study there is no better place in the Pacific Northwest then here. Dr. M. Saeed is World renowned in the field and is so gentle with the procedure and has taught his expertise to his son Dr K. Saeed and also Dr. Sans. Dr M. Saeed is so caring, very thorough with his exam and has the best assistant Toni! Dr M. Saeed made what could be an unpleasant study as comfortable as can be. His son Dr K. Saeed and Dr Sans are both trained in the latest technology for injections, nerve ablation, nerve stimulators, EMG/nerve conduction studies, and are the best in the area for treating pain. I was very impressed with all of the staff and Doctors at this location and highly recommend anyone of the doctors!

Dr. Saeed is excellent

I looked online about electrodiagnosis and it terrified me. The reviews were talking about how painful the tests were. I went into Dr. Saeed’s office nervous. The assistant told me how Dr. Saeed has been doing this for a very long time and there was no need to be nervous. Dr. Saeed came in and his bedside manner was excellent. He has a great sense of humor. I told him how nervous I was and he said, “no need to be nervous I am just going to energize you a bit.” The shocks were no big deal and in fact they felt good! I didn’t even feel the second part of the test which was the needle part. I would totally recommend Dr. Saeed and his staff it was a pleasant experience!

Review for Dr. Saeed and Toni

I was so nervous about having an EMG. I had never had one before. Toni was great in preparing me and putting my worries to rest. Dr. Saeed is skilled with 40 years of experience. He is gentle, kind and reassuring. Thank you to both of you.

Test for Hip Pain

I wasn't looking forward to having this test done as I'd had one done a number of years ago and it was really awful. I delayed making the appointment for several months but I finally broke down and called. The person who helped me make the appointment for very nice. The person who checked me in was very nice and helpful. The person who assisted the MD was very nice and the MD was very reassuring, Dr. Saeed explained the process starting from the beginning and during the test and continued to check in with me to make sure i was ok. I won't dread it if I have to have another appointment. They were very timely. I didn't wait past my scheduled appointment.

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