Tyler R

Nov 20, 2019

I am a Resident that spent two weeks shadowing Dr’s Mohammed Saeed, Kashif Saeed, and Dr Sans at this locstion. If you are in need of a EMG/ nerve conduction study there is no better place in the Pacific Northwest then here. Dr. M. Saeed is World renowned in the field and is so gentle with the procedure and has taught his expertise to his son Dr K. Saeed and also Dr. Sans. Dr M. Saeed is so caring, very thorough with his exam and has the best assistant Toni! Dr M. Saeed made what could be an unpleasant study as comfortable as can be. His son Dr K. Saeed and Dr Sans are both trained in the latest technology for injections, nerve ablation, nerve stimulators, EMG/nerve conduction studies, and are the best in the area for treating pain. I was very impressed with all of the staff and Doctors at this location and highly recommend anyone of the doctors!